Bullet Journal – How I stay organized


My bullet journal has been my best friend since I started studying at home. I have a lot of things in my head and to keep everything organized I need to write them down. I’m a “to-do list” person but sometimes I got so many papers with appointments, homework, etc that I was getting crazy trying to find them all. So I decided to combine all those things and create a bullet journal.

The best thing of having a BuJo is that you can do whatever works for you. There is a lot of templates and freebies you can print too. Personally, I like to draw cute titles and plant doodles myself, it’s relaxing…


  • Monthly spread
  • Daily spread
  • Calendar
  • Quotes
  • Yearly goals
  • Movies
  • Books to read
  • Blog ideas
  • Savings
  • Mood

If you don’t know how to do this, there is plenty of ways on Pinterest.

[Notebooks here]

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